Roller Banner Printing in Edinburgh

At Print Pixels, we offer highly customisable and cost-effective roller banner printing services. Our brilliant in-house design team are at hand to provide any assistance if you’re looking for a brand new look to your banners. Alternatively, if you already have a design, all you’d need to do is send over the design files and we’ll get printing!

We have and will always provide our clients with the most cost-effective solutions for their unique requirements, whilst maintaining a high level of quality in the finished product. If you need your banners quickly, don’t worry. We are known for our fast turnaround times and can offer same day or next day delivery on orders depending on the quantity and your location. Whenever you’re ready, contact the Print Pixels team today for a FREE quote!

What Are Roller Banners?

Roller banners are portable, self-standing banners which display a printed graphic panel. It retracts into a spring-loaded roller mechanism, hence the name! When you need to display the banner, it can be pulled out from the base and supported using a pole.

    What Is Included In Our Roller Banners?

    Product Overview:
    • Includes graphic 0.8m wide x 2m high
    • Bespoke-printed graphic printed on 400gsm anti-curl, anti-scuff, anti-glare SoFlat
    • Robust, compact, ergonomic design
    • Snap-clip top rail
    • Includes carry bag

    Why Choose Roller Banners?

    • Roller Banners are very compact and lightweight making them a convenient choice when attending trade shows or exhibition events
    • They can be set up in under 30 seconds without requiring any tools
    • These banners work fantastically well when it comes to attracting attention, creating awareness, advertising special offers and as backdrops at media events
    • You get plenty of bang for your buck as roller banners feature a large canvas to make use of
    • There is a roller banner to suit every budget as roller banners are well known to be an affordable advertising option

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I use my roller banner outdoors?
    Roller banners are primarily designed for indoor use. They can be used in dry, outdoor environments but if the weather takes a turn for the worse, they can be damaged by wind and rain.

    Q: How do I design an effective roller banner? 
    A few tips we recommend are:
    • Use large fonts and images so people can see the content from a distance
    • Colour contrast your background and text to ensure clear readability and strikingness
    • Keep the focus on one main message so onlookers can quickly resonate
    • Bare safety margins in mind when designing!

    Q: Do you provide replacement banners if I already own a stand?
    We’re afraid not. However, our roller banner pricing is so cost-effective that you may as well buy a brand new one!

    Need Some Roller Banner Advice?

    If you have any questions or queries regarding our roller banners, give the brilliant Print Pixels team a call today. With our years of industry experience, we invite you to make use of our knowledge in order for you to attain the best banner solution possible!

    Roller Banner Printing Examples