Poster Printing in Edinburgh

According to the history books, posters have been displayed in public places for over two hundred years! They have been used for many different purposes over the course of those two centuries including: promotion of films, musicians and events, advertising for small and medium sized businesses, and being displayed on the walls of homes to showcase an individual’s personality and interests. 

Whatever the use may be, posters are purposely designed to be both eye-catching and informative. As long as your poster is designed with these two elements in mind, you will no doubt get a great reaction from any on-lookers. Speaking of design, we have an amazing in-house design team at Print Pixels! So, if you need any assistance in crafting the perfect poster layout, we would be more than happy to advise. If you already have the design you need, all we’d need from you is the design file and we can get printing! 

Need your posters in a hurry? Not a problem. We’re known for our quick turnaround times and can even offer same day or next day printing & delivery depending on quantities. Get in touch today for a quote and timescales!

Poster Printing for Businesses

There are so many reasons why businesses can benefit from posters:

  • Affordable - compared to other advertising methods, posters don’t cost much at all to design, print and install. They an extremely cheap way to spread the message to wide audience. 
  • Visually Compelling - The right poster can stop an individual in their tracks. A clever design with compelling visual and pictorial elements can be hugely effective in raising awareness of your company or your current promotions. 
  • Credibility - Posters have a long history of being displayed in public places. This carries a lot of weight in terms of trustworthiness compared to a social media post for example. 
  • Local Impact - A poster, when displayed in areas with high footfall, can reach hundreds if not thousands of eyeballs. They are also a very cost-effective method of reaching out to a localised audience. 
  • Improved Recall - Recent research has shown that individuals are far more likely to recall an advert they saw on print compared to one on a digital screen. Something about print advertisement is a more comfortable viewing experience for the human eye apparently. 

Poster Printing Examples