Plan Printing in Edinburgh

Our plan printing and CAD plotting services are the ideal solution for all electrical, architectural, engineering, mechanical, quantity surveying, construction and landscape plans and drawings. Available in standard and custom sizes, our plans are printed onto 90gsm white bond paper using UV stable dry toner inks. 

In your respective industries, we know the strict deadlines you work to which is why we provide an extremely fast turnaround on plan printing and copying. You may want to take advantage of our same day printing and delivery service to ensure that your plans are produced on time. We can even operate on a “while you wait” basis so you can wait in store whilst we print your plans. 

Get in touch with our team today and we’ll find the fastest and most cost effective solution for your requirements! 

Plans for Architects 

For those in the architecture industry, hard copies of plans are needed for presenting proposals to clients. With the advent of PDF and other digital file formats, it couldn’t be easier to have your plans printed quickly. No longer do you need to have multiple drawings at hand to copy in a very specific order. All you’d need to do is provide us with the file and we can get printing on the paper size you need!

Plans for Quantity Surveyors 

Quantity Surveyors utilise printed plans to measure, take off and note down important elements when preparing bills of quantities. A1 plans are most commonly used but if you require any customised paper sizing, just let us know. 

Plans for Construction 

Builders and construction workers use printed plans for quick and easy reference when working on a project. A high quality, well defined printed plan can be pinned upon a wall or laid out on the floor. An electrical layout is a typical example. The plan would show workers where to position wires, holes, trunking, fixtures and fittings. These plans are often printed colour to distinguish between electrical and other work that needs to be done.

Plan Printing Examples