Personalised Calendars in Edinburgh

Personalised calendars are the perfect accompaniment for the first day of each year. They are great gifts for friends and family members whilst also being a fantastic promotional product for businesses. In the digital world, we rarely get a break from screens whether it be computer screens, TVs, phones or tablets. Giving your eyes a break from these bright displays is a very refreshing experience and personalised calendars are a great way to do this. Instead of looking at the calendar app on your phone, look forward to the week ahead by seeing your hand written notes on high quality calendar. 

Wall Calendars for Businesses

If you’re a business, personalised calendars make excellent marketing tools as they can be given to clients who can then go on to use them on daily basis for an entire year. It’s a great way to reinforce your brand with customers and rent the space in their mind as advertisers say. Whenever a client looks upon their calendar, they will no doubt see your company logo, an aspect about your company ethos and even be encouraged to contact you about that new campaign they’ve been meaning to try. 

Photo Calendars as Gifts

As gifts to family and friends, you’ll struggle to find a more personal gift than a customised calendar. Each month is a new opportunity to showcase a unique message, an inside joke or a fond memory between you and the recipient. It will no doubt put a smile on their face as they turn the page each month or when they glance upon the calendar each day. 

The fantastic in-house design team we have here at Print Pixels can help you craft an amazing calendar design whatever your needs may be. Whether you’re looking for something fairly straightforward or are thinking outside-the-box, we can assist on both avenues. Also, if you need your calendars printed quickly, that won’t be a problem. We are known for our rapid printing times and can even offer same day or next day delivery/collection depending on the quantity required. Get in touch with the Print Pixels team today!

Personalised Calenders Examples