Leaflet Printing in Edinburgh

Leaflets are a tried and tested method of effective advertising that can promote an array of products and services. The most important thing to think about when designing a leaflet is your customer’s perspective. What will grab their attention initially? What information do you want to present to them once their attention is grabbed? Is the information compelling enough for them to take action after reading? Those are the questions! 

At Print Pixels, we have a wide variety of options when it comes to your leaflet printing needs. If you’re looking for a new leaflet design and need some assistance, we have a fantastic in-house design team at hand! They can help create a striking and eye-catching leaflet design that will showcase your business in the best light. If you already have a design and just need it printing, all you need to do is send us the design file and tell us how many copies you need! Get in touch with the Print Pixels team today. 

How Leaflets Can Be Used? 

In the digital age, many forget about the many opportunities that leaflets provide. You can reach new customers and grow your business simply by: 

  • Posting your leaflets through letterboxes of homes and business. A great method for local businesses and those hosting an event and looking to target an audience in a specific geographical radius. 
  • Handing them out in locations with a high rate of footfall. A classic method of simply handing out leaflets to potential new customers. It’s worked for decades! 
  • Leaving leaflets in a shop for customers to pick up whenever they may glance upon the striking design. A tried and tested method! 
  • Placing them in local magazines or newspapers. Seeing as the reader will have to take notice of the leaflet when they come across it whilst reading, it’s guaranteed eyeballs on your product or service. 
  • Handing them out to people at events. A great tactic if you’re looking to target people who have specific interests. 
  • Placing them inside packaged orders. By doing so, you can encourage repeat orders by showcasing new products or providing a discount code for the future.

Leaflet Printing Examples