Lamination Printing Services in Edinburgh

Lamination printing is the process of applying a very thin layer of plastic to sheets of paper or card. Not to be confused with encapsulation, which involves securing a document with a watertight plastic border that is commonly used in primary & secondary schools. 

Laminating is often referred to as a printing finishing process that ensures the durability of a document over time. At Print Pixels, we can laminate any document up to A0 size. Whether it be an important document, leaflets, flyers, posters, business cards…you name it, we can laminate it. 


The Benefits of Lamination 

  • Enhanced Durability - Laminated documents can withstand high levels of use which is great for documents that are used on a daily basis 
  • Appearance Enhancement - lamination can help colours ‘pop’ more which yields an impression of better quality and a more professional look
  • Ultimate Protection - Fingerprints, liquids, stains, smudges, sun-damage, dirt and more will not phase any laminated document 
  • Affordability - Lamination is very reasonably priced but can also save money in the long run as it saves the need to reprint damaged documents that have succumbed to wear and tear. 

Which Type of Lamination to use? 

The main types of lamination are Matt & Gloss. Each have their own quirks and unique benefits.  

Matt Lamination 

A matt finish provides a smooth, sophisticated look and elegant finish. It produces a lower contrast on darker colour tones which helps deflect glare, making the content of the paper or card easy to read from multiple angles. Compared to other types of lamination, a matt laminate provides a more natural aesthetic. Therefore, they are a great option for business cards or signage. 

Gloss Lamination

A gloss finish makes images and copy appear sharper and crisper. If you’re looking to make a strong visual impact, gloss laminations will have colours jumping off the page. This is why it’s a great choice for brochures, presentation folders, magazine covers and more. Gloss also provides more of a protective coating than matted offerings, which is ideal for print items such as menus. 

If you have any questions, queries or would like to a quote, get in touch with the Print Pixels team today!

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