ID Card Printing in Edinburgh

ID cards are becoming increasingly common across a wide variety of industries. In small or large companies, they are an extremely efficient way for managers or security to screen staff members. In service based industries such as gyms or libraries, personalised ID cards are used as proof of membership. In retail, loyalty cards are becoming an ever-present feature whether it be in supermarkets, clothing stores or restaurants. Finally, in many schools, colleges & universities, students are now provided with photo ID cards as standard. They’re used a lot more than you may think! 

Our Standard ID Cards 

Our standard 85 x 54mm ID cards are silk coated, come in a semi-gloss finish and are printed on 750g micron PVC premium card. After thorough testing of various materials and finishes, we have found this specific combination to produce the best results for our clients! 

This is the same amalgamation of materials & finishes that are used to produce credit cards. So, the results are a high quality, protected, grippy card that isn’t overly light-reflective and is very robust. If you’ve never paid that much attention to the craftsmanship of your credit card, take one out of your purse or wallet and feel the quality of the material. Pretty good, right?

Need A Brand New ID Card Design? 

At Print Pixels, we provide a stellar in-house design service for those who require it. For a brand new ID card design, we charge a small fee of just £10. We can then keep that template on our books for whenever you require additional cards in the future. 

However, if you already have an existing ID card design and simply need more produced, all you need to do is send us your current design and we shall take care of the rest. Just tell us how many you need and when you need them by! We can offer same day or next day delivery depending on the quantity you require.  

ID Card Printing Prices

Single Sided (per card)£7£6£5£4POA
Double Sided (per card)£8£7.50£7£6.50POA

*Discounts on larger orders are available. Enquire for details. Accessories can also be provided for lanyards (£1.20 each) or card holders (£1 each). 

Please note that….we will not print any designs that replicate official or government ID cards (including student cards) unless you are purchasing on behalf of an official department and supply the required proof. All purchases undergo due diligence. 

ID Card Printing Examples