How To Design The Perfect Custom T-Shirt: The Ultimate Guide

T-shirts are a fantastic way to advertise a business, showcase incredible designs, create merchandise for events or simply express your personality in a unique way. Whatever your reason may be for delving into the world of personalised garments, we here at Print Pixels will be telling you just how to design the perfect custom t-shirt! 

In our ultimate design guide, we will take your through the entire customised t-shirt creation process from inception to completion. Whether you’re completely new to the t-shirt game or are a seasoned veteran, we’ll go through everything you need to know, as well as give our tips & tricks of the trade along the way. 

How To Design The Perfect Custom T-Shirt

How To Design The Perfect T-Shirt

The purpose of the t-shirt? 

The first port of call is defining the purpose of your proposed t-shirt. Is it to raise awareness of a certain cause, brand or event taking place? If any of these is the case, you’ll want the design of your t-shirt to be as eye-catching as humanly possible, in order to pique intrigue, interest and curiosity, encouraging people to ask you about it. The design of the t-shirt will always be affected by its intended purpose. 

Once you know the purpose for sure, we recommend making a list of the the themes and the styles that you’d like to include in your t-shirt design. Are you looking for playful or serious, edgy or traditional, modest or luxurious? Answering these types of questions will help you considerably in the early stages of the creative process. 

Keep your audience in mind

Your target audience should always be at the forefront of your mind when designing customised t-shirts. Not only should the designs represent the branding you’re looking to promote, but you must always think to yourself…would my target audience be excited to see and wear this t-shirt?

Budget & Quantity

The next aspect to tick off the list is defining how much you want to spend and how many t-shirts you need. Both of these factors will have an impact on the design you can have. For example, the budget may determine how many colours you use. Depending on which printing method you opt for, additional colours can scale up the price considerably. So, if cost is a concern, a great way to save money is by conserving colours! 

The quantity of t-shirts is also a big factor in deciding which printing method you should go for. Some are ideal for bulk orders whereas others are better for smaller quantities…

Choose Your Printing Method

Choose Your Printing Method

Many are unaware of the various methods of t-shirt printing. Let’s go through each of them to determine which will be best for you. 

Screen Printing  

Screen printing is the method of transferring a stencilled designs onto a garment using a meshed screen and ink. Ink is pushed through the meshed screen to create an imprint of your design on the material beneath. This technique involves laying down thick layers of ink which are then absorbed by the material yielding an extremely high quality product. The results of screen printing create an unrivalled vibrancy and richness when it comes to your design on the fabric.


  • The method produces vivid colours, even on darker materials 
  • Great for large orders of simple designs, as the printer can reproduce the design very easily using the same stencil over and over again
  • T-shirts and clothing produced via screen printing is extremely durable and long-lasting 


  • Screen printing isn’t as cost effective for smaller orders
  • Only one shade of ink can be applied at a time meaning multi-coloured items will require individual screens and separate stencils which increase costs
  • The same goes for more complex designs as additional stencils may also be required in these instances

Vinyl Printing 

Vinyl printing involves using computer-controlled equipment to precisely cut shapes from sheets of vinyl, and heat pressing your design into the garment to seal the vinyl sheets into the fibres of the clothing. 


  • Vinyl printing is perfect for designs which require a high amount of customisation as the vinyl can be cut into any shape and in any colour(s) you desire
  • You are able to print photographs onto a t-shirt 
  • It is a very affordable option for low volume orders as the set up costs are nowhere near as substantial compared to screen printing
  • Can be used on any type of fabric


  • Vinyl printing is only practical for smaller quantity orders as the process would be very time-consuming and expensive for larger volumes 
  • The vinyl itself is an extremely durable plastic that can withstand many years of wash and wear but is less durable than other printing options 
  • The size of design can affect the price

Direct-To-Garment (DTG) Printing

The new kid on the block when it comes to t-shirt printing methods is DTG. The direct-to-garment method prints ink directly onto the fabric of the shirt. It goes straight into the fibres of the fabric, meaning you don’t feel the design or ink when you touch it! 


  • DTG can be used for detailed designs with lots of different colours
  • Perfect for small quantity orders such as promo, stag or hen do events


  • Not well suited for mass printing
  • The process doesn’t work as well on dark colours 

The Type of T-shirt

Types of T-shirts

There is a vast array of different t-shirt types. The one you choose will affect the amount of space you have to work with and therefore your design. You may even have to think about tailoring your design around the t-shirt type you desire. 

There are short sleeve t-shirts with crew or v-neck designs, polo t-shirts, henley t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, tank tops, tube tops, off the shoulder tops and more! 

With such a diversity of garment types to choose from, make sure you have this figured out before moving on to the more creative next steps!

Time To Get Creative

Now for the fun part! Choosing the colours, wording and imagery to be included on the t-shirt design is the most enjoyable part of the process for many, and it’s easy to see why. This stage enables you to really go for it when it comes to creative flair. 

Choose Your Colours

Firstly, you need to choose the colour of your t-shirt itself as that will serve as the base or background for the rest of your graphics, fonts or imagery. You’ll want to ensure that the colours of the t-shirt and accompanying elements complement each other well, so that a visually harmonious t-shirt design is produced!

Choose Your Fonts

Typography is definitely one of the crucial pieces of the t-shirt design puzzle. Selecting the perfect font can be the difference between an amateurish and professional-looking outcome. When it comes to choosing fonts, the most important aspect to think about is readability. You don’t want anyone who looks at your t-shirt to struggle to decipher the messaging. 

However, another key aspect when it comes to choosing a font is making sure that it reflects the style and personality you’re looking to get across on your design. Different typefaces evoke different feelings. Whether you’re designing a t-shirt for staff members, a hen-do t-shirt or merchandise for a heavy metal gig, the font must match the purpose of the t-shirt!

Choose Your Graphics

Graphics and imagery are a brilliant way to help your t-shirt stand out from the crowd. There are  a few different routes you can take when it comes to this part of the t-shirt design including: logos, illustrations or icons. 

Many branded t-shirts opt for just their logo alone. For example, Nike or Supreme which yield some incredible & iconic designs. On the other hand, illustrated graphics or icons can create a playful or more memorable design. 

Choose Your Material

The final aspect of the design process to think about is the material you intend to use. Not all t-shirt materials are the same in terms of quality, so you’ll need to make sure the material you choose adheres to your needs and budget. 

Cotton is one of the most popular options due to its affordability, and the fact that the material is extremely easy to print on. Then there’s the 50% cotton and 50% polyester combo which provides a softer feel to the garment. 

Print, Print, Print! 

Print, Print, Print!

Once you’ve followed all of the previous steps, it’s time to get printing! See you designs come to life before you eyes which is definitely the most exciting part of the entire t-shirt designing process. 

To make sure that the printing goes as smoothly as possible, ensure that you thoroughly read all guidelines provided to you by the printing company you choose. More often than not, you will be required to submit your t-shirt design in a vector format, which will usually be in the form of an AI, PDF or EPS file. 

Our Top Tips Before You Start Designing Your T-shirt

  • Attention grabbing t-shirts don’t always have to be bright and bold. Sometimes a clean and minimalistic design with a punchy slogan and unique iconography is all you need! 
  • Take the time to explore your concept, and even come up with a few variations before settling on a final choice.
  • There’s often nothing better than seeing a elaborate, detailed and well-designed t-shirt. However, sometimes the best t-shirt designs are the simplest and most minimalistic, which shouldn’t be forgotten! 
  • If you’re looking to take advantage of the latest trends, thoroughly delve into said trend in order to firmly understand the nuances and context. 
  • Source a good printer as your t-shirt will only ever be as good as your printer! 

Speaking of good printers, if you’re looking for a printer in Edinburgh who specialises in t-shirt printing, look no further than Print Pixels. We can either help you design & print your dream t-shirt, or simply act as your printer if you’ve already created the design. For all of your t-shirt printing needs, contact our team today! 


Printing Services Vs Digital Marketing – Which Is The Better Way To Advertise?

Due to 84% of adults in the UK owning a smartphone this decade, the internet has become many people’s first port of call when it comes to looking for a product or service. You may be thinking whether printing services are a viable method of advertising anymore? Or whether you should purely focus on digital marketing? The printing services vs digital marketing debate has been a hot topic in the last decade.

The honest answer is that both have their place in the modern world. And, both have a part to play when it comes to a branding strategy, and the generation of sales/enquiries. There are many factors to consider when choosing which method is better for a scenario, so let’s explore them…

Are You Targeting A Local Niche? 

Are You Targeting A Local Niche?

When targeting a very narrow portion of society, particularly when it comes to a local population, printing services still provide one of the most effective methods of advertising. Leaflets and flyers can help promote local events extremely well, as you are physically handing out information about your product, service or event to someone often in the direct vicinity of your business or event location. 

With digital marketing, you can set your ads to target those in a particular radius or area.  However, many users just scroll past when they see a sponsored post on Instagram or Facebook. Or, immediately scroll to the organic results when they see paid ads at the top of Google. 

With leaflets and flyers on the other hand, whether you’re handing it to someone by hand, posting it through a letter box or leaving it on a notice board, it will definitely be noticed by the receiver. When trying to promote your local business or event, don’t underestimate the power of print. You will be able to capture an audience that may not be so fond of targeted advertising. These individuals may still have an interest in your product, service or event so shouldn’t be forgotten!

The Cost Of Printing Services vs Digital Marketing’s Cost Per Click

The Cost Of Printing Services vs Digital Marketing’s Cost Per Click

Many digital advertisers offer seemingly low cost per clicks. This is the amount you pay every time that someone clicks on your digital advert. Digital marketing can therefore seem like a very cost-effective marketing option…and it can very well be. 

However, if your cost per click is an estimated £1 per click or more, the cost can quickly add up. If you receive 10 clicks a day to your website, that’s a cost of £300 per month. For the same cost, you could print 5000 double sided colour leaflets! That really puts things into perspective doesn’t it. 300 clicks vs 5000 leaflets or flyers. 

So, despite what social media companies may have you believe, in many cases print may be the more cost effective route to take for your marketing efforts! 

Which Offers More Credibility?

Which Offers More Credibility?

Anyone can set up a website in less than a day these days, and if your brand isn’t a recognised name, credibility can be an issue. Print brings with it an assurance that a potential customer is dealing with a legitimate business who are going beyond just online means to achieve their business goals. 

For example, a professionally printed letterhead will always impress more than a well-designed email. The same goes for a advert running in a newspaper will always carry more credibility than a randomly placed sponsored banner on a website. 

The physical medium does often carry more weight than their digital counterparts. 

Which Provides Better Information Retention?

Which Provides Better Information Retention?

Research shows that 84% of people find that they retain information better when they read printed words compared to seeing digitised letters on a screen. Furthermore, 78% of people said that they prefer reading on paper. 79% said they felt most relaxed when reading print. And, 54% said that they pay more attention to advertising when reading print compared to 19% who pay more attention to adverts when reading online.  

These statistics speak volumes! People obviously crave a break from smartphone and computer screens, whether they think about it consciously or not. If you want the recipients of your marketing efforts to retain the information you wish to present more optimally, think about utilising printing services in its various forms. 

Get The Most Out Of Both Formats

Get The Most Out Of Both Formats

Although we’ve certainly showcased the benefits of print advertising in this blog, digital marketing undoubtedly has it’s place. In fact, the combination of the two approaches will in most cases, provide the most beneficial marketing results in terms of branding and sale/enquiry generation. 

Utilising both methods can help increase foot or web traffic and broaden your company’s horizons when combining the marketing avenues strategically. As with any marketing strategy, the first task to complete is to define your audience. Once you’ve ascertained that information, you can see which marketing combo is best for you! 

If you’re looking for printing services in Edinburgh, look no further than Print Pixels! We provide an all-encompassing range of cost-effective printing services for you to choose from. Browse through our many offerings and if you require any assistance or advice, get in touch with our fantastic team today and we’ll be happy to provide our many years-worth of expertise! 


How To Design The Perfect Leaflet

Leaflet marketing is one of the most affordable and effective forms of marketing, but you have to make an instant and lasting impression. That’s why learning how to design the perfect leaflet is so crucial for your campaign’s success! 

Before we reveal our top tips on how to design the perfect leaflet, we must firstly mention the golden universal rule of any marketing…

The Golden Rule Of AIDA

The Golden Rule Of AIDA

Attention – A leaflet must grab the onlooker’s attention instantly and invoke curiosity in both the design and the content. Bold text, imagery, appropriate colour choice and combinations as well as utilising white space are all important factors in this phase. 

Interest – After grabbing the attention of the onlooker, you need to keep it. Ensure that you follow up your striking headline with further intriguing messaging, tailoring it to your target audience. 

Desire – Interest in your product or service is one thing, but you need to create a true desire for your offerings. This can be done through including relatable, persuasive copy and high quality, resonating image selection. 

Action – Then, the final stage of the golden rule is action. After the prior stages where you’ve been persuading the leaflet viewer, the time has come for a call to action. Whether you want the reader of your leaflet to visit your website, call a number, or visit your social media pages, make this abundantly clear at the end of your messaging. 

Having now gone through the AIDA journey, here are some of our top tips on how to design the perfect leaflet..

Identify The Aim Of The Leaflet

Identify The Aim Of The Leaflet

First and foremost, you have to decipher what the goal of your leafletting campaign is. Just ask yourself, what results do I want my campaign to achieve? Common aims of leaflets include:

  • informing people about a product(s) or service(s)
  • explaining to your target audience why you stand out from the crowd i.e. what your unique selling point (USP) is
  • informing existing or potential customers about a new product or service
  • promoting special offers or events
  • encouraging customers to take an action e.g. visit store location or website

Once you’ve established what your goals or multiple goals are, you can then start composing the messaging around those aims. Just think about all the information you want to get across to the reader of your leaflet, and don’t worry about writing too much for now. You can whittle the wordage down once you’ve got all of your ideas down! 

Figure Out Who Your Target Audience Is

Figure Out Who Your Target Audience Is

Identifying who your target audience is will really help reinforce the messaging you create for the leaflet. Because, you’ll then be able to create apt and appealing visual elements and imagery that you know the audience will respond to. 

For example, if you were targeting corporate professionals, suitable imagery of office workspaces and clean-cut typography would take centre stage. Whereas, if you were appealing to a younger audience, this type of accompanying text and imagery would not be successful at all! 

In order to decipher who your target audience is, you have to go back to the basics. Figure our their age, gender firstly. Then, delve into what’s important to them, their interests and what they are enthusiastic or passionate about. 

Refine Your Leaflet Messaging

Refine Your Leaflet Messaging

Now comes the time to go over the initial words you wrote earlier. See if it appropriately aligns and appeals to your target audience. Other important factors to consider include: 

  • identifying the most important points of your messaging
  • removing any unnecessary points from your messaging
  • choosing whether formal or informal messaging is appropriate

At this point, you should have your core messaging completed. Now, you can begin to think about how those words will begin to fit into the leaflet design you have in mind. Do your words need to be divided up into different sections? Are certain sentences too long? Do you require more detail in certain areas? 

Leaflet Sizing & Formatting

Leaflet Sizing & Formatting

Following on from the last point, you should now have an idea regarding how the content on your leaflet should be segmented. With this in mind, you can now think about what kind of leaflet size and format will suit you best. 

Leaflets come in many shapes and sizes. Popular choices include the half fold, z-fold, accordion fold or the very popular gate fold. You can unveil a hidden or surprise message, reveal a large spread of content or let the story of your brand or event unfold (literally) as the reader peruses the sequential sides of the leaflet design. 

Any folded leaflet brings with it a very distinctive look compared to your standard A5 prints. Some of the more funky designs are a great way to create unique and interesting leaflet designs, whilst also displaying a lot of information and imagery. What will decide your leaflet format will be the quantity of information you want to get across to the reader, as well as how you want to present it. 

You’ll also have to factor in what type of leaflet is most suitable for effectively displaying and communicating your information. For example, a restaurant or takeaway menu can be viewed in no particular order. Therefore, they suit accordion folds particularly well.

However, if you want your leaflet readers to view information in a particular order, or the content is divided into sections, it makes sense to choose a more appropriate format! 

You can unveil a hidden or surprise message, reveal a large spread of content or let the story of your brand or event unfold (literally) as the reader peruses the sequential sides of the leaflet design. 

Read All About It! (Headlines)

Read All About It! (Headlines)

Bold and eye catching headlines are a must! The first part of AIDA after all is “Attention” and an impactful headline is crucial for capturing the attention of the reader. 

Headlines are usually written in large, bold, clean and uppercase style fonts. Using a colour that contrasts with the background colour of the leaflet is also a wise choice! All of these factors help ensure that the viewer’s eyes will be immediately drawn to the most important messaging. And, if they are successfully intrigued, they will be compelled to read on in order to gather further information. 

To reinforce the main headline, and help retain the attention of your target audience, it’s a handy idea to include subheadings throughout your leaflet design. They helps invoke further curiosity from the reader’s perspective. They’ll also aid them in finding the most relevant information they’re looking for quickly. 

Use Imagery Wisely

Use Imagery Wisely

Images are a fantastic way to create or increase the desire for your product or service. If you have followed the previous steps and know exactly who your target audience is and what they’re passionate about, you should have no problem choosing imagery that will yield a positive reaction. 

Remember to use high quality images and not too overuse imagery. Although images are a a fantastic tool to utilise when it comes to leaflet marketing, you don’t want to bombard the viewer of your leaflet with too many. Otherwise you’ll create a case of sensory overload and it will cause the viewer to look away from your leaflet…the opposite of what we want! 

Font Selection Is Key

Font Selection Is Key

The absolute worst thing to do when it comes to a leaflet design is choose a hard-to-read or overly complex font. Instead, use a easily readable, professional and non-overly-flamboyant for to present a professional and clear message.  

Some of the most readable fonts in both uppercase and lowercase formats include Times New Roman, Helvetica and Ariel. However, there are plenty of other beautiful and easy-to-read typefaces to use. These are just some of our go-to fonts! 

It’s also worth noting that fonts always appear larger on your computer screen design than in real life. So, do bare that in mind when it comes to the finished product! 

Colour Is Powerful

Colour Is Powerful

Colour is one the best tools in the leaflet designing arsenal. The right combination will help gain that initial attention from your target audience.

It’s often the case that leaflets are placed in groups whether it be stacked on a shelf or displayed in communal areas. Therefore, you need to ensure that you stand out from the crowd with a striking colour combination which will instantly draw attention from competing leaflets. 

Bright and vibrant colours will garner far more attention than dull and boring ones. You want your leaflet to stick out like a sore thumb amongst the crowd no matter where it is placed and what designs it’s being placed by. A good thing to envisage is your leaflet amongst other leaflet designs. In this vision, is your leaflet the one which is drawing people’s gaze the most? 

Another tip is to not use bright colours for the sake of it. If a bright colour combination doesn’t align with your brand or imagery, then choose colours that you know will appeal to your target audience, and which reflects your brand in the most optimal and appropriate way. 

Use White Ink For Dramatic Effect 

Use White Ink For Dramatic Effect

White ink has become a very popular colour for leaflets in recent years. The crisp whiteness can turn the simplest of designs into a striking and eye catching feast for the eyes. The colour can really help draw the attention of any onlookers and that’s exactly what you want from a leaflet!

It can be very easy to overcomplicate a leaflet design and include far too many images, colours or text elements. Many feel the need to fill every last bit of white space on a leaflet, but that simply isn’t true!

White space on a leaflet plays a hugely important role in the readability of your leaflet. So, you need to make sure that the balance is right. White space helps draw focus to important points. Therefore, don’t be afraid to leave areas of your leaflet without any content!

And That’s Everything You Need To Know When It Comes To How To Design The Perfect Leaflet

And That’s Everything You Need To Know When It Comes To How To Design The Perfect Leaflet

After reading this blog, we hope you have a much better idea about how to design the perfect leaflet! If you follow the steps above in the chronological order, a striking, bold, eye-catching and informative leaflet will be the result and you will fulfil your marketing goals.

Designing a leaflet can often be quite time consuming compared to other printed marketing materials like flyers, banners, posters etc, because leaflets usually consist of multiple pages having various designs and messaging objectives. You also have to consider your target audience, desired overall message and the most appropriate format for that messaging. 

We’ve designed countless leaflets of the years in Print Pixels In fact, we’ve been providing an all encompassing range of printing services for decades! So, if you’re looking for leaflet printing in Edinburgh, look no further! Our brilliant in-house design team can aid you with the design or if you already have one created, we can simply serve as your printer. If you need us, we’re here for you. Get in touch today! 


How Using A Local Print Shop Can Help Your Business Relaunch in 2021

At the time of writing this blog, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel regarding the easing of lockdown throughout the UK. Businesses should use this time to ready themselves for reopening, as there will be an unprecedented spike in demand across countless sectors! Local print shops like ourselves can aid the readying up of your business, so you can ensure a prosperous and profitable 2021. Here’s just how we can help…

Get Your Banners & Signs Ready!

Get Your Banners & Signs Ready!

If you’re in retail or hospitality, it’s time to get your sign and display marketing in order. We predict that the vast majority of businesses will be providing a host of re-opening offers to help entice returning customers. 

Restaurants, cafes, pubs, market stalls, nightclubs, cinemas, theatres, music venues, retail shops & more will undoubtedly be looking to make a big impression when our towns and city centres flood with people once more. 

In the first few months especially, businesses will be competing heavily with one another to ensure that they make the most sales and achieve a high rate of footfall through their doors. To maximise on both fronts, make sure that you have new, striking banners and signs to display all of your offers so you can catch the eye of all onlookers. 

Your local print shop will be able to facilitate your need for new signs and banner printing. And if they’re like us, they’ll be able to assist you in creating new designs and the wording, to make sure that your displays are as effective as can possibly be!

Spread The Word Ahead Of Time With Leaflets & Flyers

Spread The Word Ahead Of Time With Leaflets & Flyers

In a few months time, depending on the data, you may know an exact date of when your business will be allowed to reopen. As soon as you do know, it’s time to start spreading the word of what your business will be providing upon opening your doors once more! 

When the world returns to normality, people will be looking to squeeze as many different social activities into their calendars. So, you need to let your customers know ahead of time when you’ll be opening, what you’ll be offering and what unique experiences they can have. The more memorable they are, the more it will help you stand out from the crowd. Your customers can then meticulously plan their social calendar and you can be a part of it! 

Flyer and leaflet printing is a brilliant, tried & tested and extremely cost-effective way of getting the word out. This is especially true for local businesses as you can’t reach everyone in a small radius through digital avenues. Flyers guarantee the local eyes you require will be seeing your message, providing you with the best chance of your local offerings being successful. 

Local events, shops and pubs & restaurants in particular will hugely benefit from leafletting, which at the moment, is best distributed via door drop distribution services. As soon as you know you reopening date, don’t dilly dally. Get ahead of the curve! 

Get Your Custom Merchandise Ready

Get Your Custom Merchandise Ready

If you’re a small boutique or a market stall owner who sells custom wares, you might want to think about getting your stock ready or even updating it. Perhaps, some customised t-shirts, stickers or mugs with some topical wording or designs would go down a treat. Something along the lines of “We’re Free Again” perhaps?  

Whatever customised item you sell, your local print shop could help with creating the new designs and the production of these items. With the significantly increased footfall expected when towns and centres reopen again, you’ll want to ensure that you have enough items in stock to meet the demand!

A Fresh Start To Your Business Promo & Workwear

A Fresh Start To Your Business Promo & Workwear

In-person business meetings and networking events may very well be happening again in just a few months. If that is the case, it may be time to get some new business cards as we return to the ways of old. 

You may want to think about promotional materials such as roller banners for your stall at networking events. The designing of new booklets to concisely showcase your products & services, whilst giving potential customers something to take away is always an effective marketing tool. There’s a whole host of additional promotional material that can be created with your business logo adorned on it too. All of which your local print shop can help in designing and producing. 

Finally, when society completely reopens, it will essentially a fresh start for everyone. So, why not signify the new beginning with new work apparel for your employees & staff? There’s nothing quite like a new embroidered t-shirt or piece of workwear. It’ll be a very nice touch which we’re sure your employees will really appreciate. 

Overall, the last year and half has been quite the experience, but it’s safe to say that we’re all looking forward to the country relaunching as soon as possible. So, let’s make sure we restart things off as we mean to go on! 

Before we end this blog, if you are looking for a local print shop in Edinburgh, look no further than our fantastic team. We are your one stop shop for all printing needs, we have team of in-house designers if you need any assistance in that area and we can offer same day or next day delivery depending on the type and size of your order. 

Have a tremendous 2021 from all of the team at Print Pixels! 


The Importance of Printing Services in 2021

It’s safe to say that the last year has undoubtedly been the strangest in recent history. Businesses across the globe questioned their position in the new world, exactly how they fit into it and how they would have to adapt in order to do so. As the work-from-home revolution began, we certainly pondered these questioned. However, upon reflection we realised that printing services will be extremely important this year for a number of reasons…

Getting the Word Out Locally Through Door Drop & Printing Services

Drop Door Leafletting

Current circumstances means that the value of door drops have increased significantly. Whether you’re a business, charity or local authority, effective communication with local communities is key. Leaflet printing is a reliable and safe way for all organisations to convey important messages and updates over the course of a national lockdown. 

Even though we live in a very digital age, there is still a large number of the populous who may not have access to online services. Or, aren’t comfortable with using technology. Therefore, having the ability to reach these individuals via the letterbox is an important resource. It’s also worth mentioning that receiving post through the letterbox will provide a sense of normalcy for many who would check their porch for post as part of their daily routine. With normality in such short supply at the moment, it’s the little things that make a big difference! 

All responsible leafleting companies that distributes door to door advertising will have had to have implemented measured to ensure the safety of their own staff and members of the public e.g. social distancing and providing PPE. If organisations continue to follow the up to date rules & regulations set by the government, then there is no reason why they would not be able to continue to operate and provide distribution services. 

Takeaways On The Rise As Is Menu Printing

Takeaway Menu Prints

With restaurants having to close their doors, takeaways have become a more regular Friday-night and weekend occurrence for so many across the country. In fact, UK delivery orders surged by almost 400% in the fourth quarter of 2020. Restaurants themselves have even adapted to the times and tailored their service to provide home delivery. Fine dining delivered straight to your door! 

Whether it be a takeaway or restaurant, either business requires a way to get their food options and offers seen by their customers. Menu printing is a time and tested method that has been utilised for decades. Even in the old days (and by that we mean a year ago), seeing new menus through the letterbox from local eateries was a feast for the eyes…and perhaps a feast for the evening. The colourful menus featuring vibrant tones and alluring food imagery is always a sight to behold, and again provides a sense of normalcy to everyone staying at home. 

Door drop leafleting is also a great way to promote exclusive offers which can only be attained when contacting restaurants and takeaways directly. This means local businesses will benefit as they won’t have to pay any commission to intermediary food portals. Customers will also benefit by paying less for their overall order. It’s win-win for all “steak-holders.” 

All Other Businesses Who Can Operate Should Start Advertising via Leaflet Printing Services

Leaflet Prints

Besides those in the food industry, there are a small number of other industries which are allowed to operate under the current government guidelines. In terms of those that would benefit from printing services, they include: 

  • Home Improvement Companies
  • Personal Trainers (on a one to one, outdoor and socially distanced basis) 
  • Cleaning Companies
  • Bicycle Shops

All of the industries mentioned above could benefit hugely by reaching out to local communities with a flyer door drop marketing campaign. 

Home Improvement Companies

Home Improvement Companies

During lockdown, it’s the perfect time to undertake a home improvement project. Whether it be a multi-story extension, conservatory, loft conversion or kitchen refurb, any extension requires a substantial amount of time and energy when taking an idea from the design phase to it’s eventual completion. Currently, we all have a lot more time in are hands meaning you can spend those additional hours fine-tuning the various design elements and material choices, to ensure you end up with your dream extension. Companies in this industry can provide different monthly offers on their various services which will undoubtedly entice enquiries! 

Personal Training

Personal Trainer Park

Personal training is another industry where a small amount of print marketing could have a substantial return on invest. We all know that lockdown weight is definitely a real phenomenon and all would look to shed the extra pounds that they may have put on over the course of the year. Personal training can take place on a one to one basis, when outdoors and when socially distanced. Essentially, P.T. sessions are most likely to take place in park or another outdoor environment. There, your trainer can push you to your limits from a 2m distance, providing first class exercise routines as well as much needed motivation to push that extra rep. If you’re looking to get a few more clients on board, why not try getting some flyer printing done and posting them throughout your local area…a great way to get some cardio in too! 

Cleaning Companies

Cleaning Companies

Under current guidelines, cleaners are still permitted to operate inside people’s homes. Government guidelines on social distancing must be followed to the letter as expected. However, in a world where vigilant cleanliness is a priority, it’s extremely valuable that cleaning companies have been allowed to keep their doors open! 

Bicycle Shops

Bike Shop

It seems like everybody has become a keen cyclist in one lockdown or another. Well, good news! your keenness may long continue with bike shops being able to stay open. According to the Bicycle Association, from March 2020, bicycle retailers saw sales growth of 60%. Electric bike sales also saw an increase of 92% between April and September 2020. Finally, in May 2020 cycling activity rose to over 300% of its pre-lockdown levels! So, whether you’re looking to jump on the trend or are in need of bike repairs, you’ll be able to fulfil both requirements for however long we are in lockdown. If you are a company and have any bike deals going, let people know through the flyers! 

Overall, in times of adaptation, where there’s a will…there’s always a way. If you’re any of the aforementioned industries and are looking for printing services in Edinburgh, Print Pixels is always here for your printing needs. We have a fantastic team of in-house designers if you need help with any of the creative elements. If you already have that sorted, we can simply print on demand! We hope all readers have had as good a start to the year as possible in the current climate. Stay safe out there! 


Christmas Card Printing Ideas For 2021

Tis the season to be jolly, and that means it’s time for some Christmas card printing! There really is nothing quite like receiving a Christmas card through the letterbox. The handwritten envelope, the excitement of finding out who it’s from and of course, seeing the unique design on the card itself!

At Print Pixels, we are well-known for helping our customers in Edinburgh come up with fantastic, one-of-a-kind designs for their Christmas cards which never fail to impress family and friends. Whether it be a design depicting all members of the family in a festive setting, a comedic card featuring a quippy reference about 2020 or a Christmassy twist on a favourite film, tv show or pop artist, we’ve helped design and print it all! 

Evidently, Christmas cards can come in many forms and sometimes it’s difficult to decide which route to take. To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of some ideas to help get the Christmassy creativity flowing. You’ll figure out your design in no time and, if you require any assistance in designing or printing your cards, get in touch with the Print Pixels team today! 

The Classic Family Card

The Classic Custom Christmas Family Card

If you’re looking to keep things simple, a family portrait overlaid with some elegant text is a tried and tested Christmas card option. What we like to do is add at least one unique design element in the form of a funky pattern around the edge of the family, as well as include a message towards the bottom of the card. 

The message can be a simple “Merry Christmas” with names of all family members underneath, or the text can be customised depending on what you want to send to your recipients. We can even print different variants if you’d like to send different messages to different people! 

A Comedy Christmas Card

Comedy Christmas Card 2020 - Toilet Paper Shortage

After the rollercoaster of a year that 2020 has been, it wouldn’t be very British if we didn’t make some tongue & cheek Christmas cards to make light of the madness. As they say, laughter is the best form of medicine!

There are a whole host of fantastic comedic card designs out right now that will guarantee to have your friends and family laughing aloud upon opening. Here are a few to inspire your inner stand up comic genius and own card creations…

Comedy Christmas Cards 2020 - The Year The Bin Went Out More
Comedy Christmas Cards 2020 - The Office Party Is Gonna Suck
Comedy Christmas Cards 2020 - Chuckle Brothers 2 Metres You

References To Pop-Culture 

Whether it be film, tv, music or other realms of popular culture, there are always Christmassy puns to be made from both the old and new. 

If you’re going old-school, there’s always the classics of Home Alone, Die Hard, The Grinch and so many more nostalgic Christmas films to base designs from…

Pop Culture Christmas Cards - Die Hard
References To Popular Culture - The Grinch
References To Popular Culture - Home Alone

Perhaps you’re in the mood of something more contemporary? If that’s the case, memes have been one of the few aspects of the year that haven’t failed to disappoint! Here’s a few of our favourites from the 2020 meme machine…

References To Pop-Culture - Baby Yoda
References To Pop-Culture - Boris
References To Pop-Culture - Trump

Abstract Christmas Card Printing

For those who really want a Christmas Card that’s a little outside the box, abstract Christmas cards are becoming an ever popular choice of customised card. They bring with them an added wow factor as they certainly break the mould from more traditional options. 

Abstract cards can take many forms, as there are very few limits when it comes to this form of art. The quality of these types of illustrations is also very subjective, due the designs being so far from the norm. However, it’s always better to be bold than just another cog in the Christmas card machine, no?

If you’re looking to create your own abstract design, maybe a few examples below will help you discover a funky Christmas card concept…

Abstract Christmas Card Printing - Red Tree
Abstract Christmas Card Printing - Green Paper Tree
Abstract Christmas Card Printing - Angled Tree

Feeling inspired? We hope so!

Whatever wacky ideas you come up with in your mind, our brilliant team at Print Pixels will be able to print it into reality!

In any case, Print Pixels wishes all of our customers and everyone reading this blog post a very merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years! Roll on 2021!