Christmas Card Printing Ideas For 2021

Tis the season to be jolly, and that means it’s time for some Christmas card printing! There really is nothing quite like receiving a Christmas card through the letterbox. The handwritten envelope, the excitement of finding out who it’s from and of course, seeing the unique design on the card itself!

At Print Pixels, we are well-known for helping our customers in Edinburgh come up with fantastic, one-of-a-kind designs for their Christmas cards which never fail to impress family and friends. Whether it be a design depicting all members of the family in a festive setting, a comedic card featuring a quippy reference about 2020 or a Christmassy twist on a favourite film, tv show or pop artist, we’ve helped design and print it all! 

Evidently, Christmas cards can come in many forms and sometimes it’s difficult to decide which route to take. To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of some ideas to help get the Christmassy creativity flowing. You’ll figure out your design in no time and, if you require any assistance in designing or printing your cards, get in touch with the Print Pixels team today! 

The Classic Family Card

The Classic Custom Christmas Family Card

If you’re looking to keep things simple, a family portrait overlaid with some elegant text is a tried and tested Christmas card option. What we like to do is add at least one unique design element in the form of a funky pattern around the edge of the family, as well as include a message towards the bottom of the card. 

The message can be a simple “Merry Christmas” with names of all family members underneath, or the text can be customised depending on what you want to send to your recipients. We can even print different variants if you’d like to send different messages to different people! 

A Comedy Christmas Card

Comedy Christmas Card 2020 - Toilet Paper Shortage

After the rollercoaster of a year that 2020 has been, it wouldn’t be very British if we didn’t make some tongue & cheek Christmas cards to make light of the madness. As they say, laughter is the best form of medicine!

There are a whole host of fantastic comedic card designs out right now that will guarantee to have your friends and family laughing aloud upon opening. Here are a few to inspire your inner stand up comic genius and own card creations…

Comedy Christmas Cards 2020 - The Year The Bin Went Out More
Comedy Christmas Cards 2020 - The Office Party Is Gonna Suck
Comedy Christmas Cards 2020 - Chuckle Brothers 2 Metres You

References To Pop-Culture 

Whether it be film, tv, music or other realms of popular culture, there are always Christmassy puns to be made from both the old and new. 

If you’re going old-school, there’s always the classics of Home Alone, Die Hard, The Grinch and so many more nostalgic Christmas films to base designs from…

Pop Culture Christmas Cards - Die Hard
References To Popular Culture - The Grinch
References To Popular Culture - Home Alone

Perhaps you’re in the mood of something more contemporary? If that’s the case, memes have been one of the few aspects of the year that haven’t failed to disappoint! Here’s a few of our favourites from the 2020 meme machine…

References To Pop-Culture - Baby Yoda
References To Pop-Culture - Boris
References To Pop-Culture - Trump

Abstract Christmas Card Printing

For those who really want a Christmas Card that’s a little outside the box, abstract Christmas cards are becoming an ever popular choice of customised card. They bring with them an added wow factor as they certainly break the mould from more traditional options. 

Abstract cards can take many forms, as there are very few limits when it comes to this form of art. The quality of these types of illustrations is also very subjective, due the designs being so far from the norm. However, it’s always better to be bold than just another cog in the Christmas card machine, no?

If you’re looking to create your own abstract design, maybe a few examples below will help you discover a funky Christmas card concept…

Abstract Christmas Card Printing - Red Tree
Abstract Christmas Card Printing - Green Paper Tree
Abstract Christmas Card Printing - Angled Tree

Feeling inspired? We hope so!

Whatever wacky ideas you come up with in your mind, our brilliant team at Print Pixels will be able to print it into reality!

In any case, Print Pixels wishes all of our customers and everyone reading this blog post a very merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years! Roll on 2021!